Make Your Own Lipstick Shade at Bite Beauty Lab

Ask what’s in my purse and you will find that lipsticks and glosses dominate among the usual items like wallet and keys. I don’t just like lipstick, I love it. I carry around different colors, textures and finishes, and apply them incessantly. For a second, I actually thought I owned every lipstick color available to mankind, but it turns out, I didn’t. No. I didn’t own a custom lipstick color–a shade made just for me. It’s crazy to think I survived life as a beauty editor, but thankfully, I did. And now, I have not one, but two custom lipstick shades thanks to Bite Beauty Lab in New York City. I’m also happy to report that both colors have found a place inside my purse, and you can watch the entire lipstick-making experience in our video below.