Buy the Expensive Blowdryer. It’s Worth It.


I owned a fancy blowdryer once. It broke just a few weeks ago. But with my loss came an interesting discovery: An expensive blowdryer really can make a difference. Before this, I thought, “a blowdryer is a blowdryer is a blowdryer.” After all, it’s just hot air, right? Wrong.

I was forced to switch to a cheap, drugstore blowdryer I kept in my closet for Pinterest DIY projects (that’s another story), and of course, in the event that I needed a backup for my hair. Perfect. Then five minutes into my blow-dry, I realized I couldn’t get my hair as straight and as styled as usual.  What would normally take 30 minutes, turned into an hour. And after the blow-dry/workout session, I also had to go through my hair with a flat iron to smooth it. That is unacceptable in my book. But before I could fork over my hard-earned cash for a professional blowdryer, I had to find out why there’s such a difference.

I turned to T3 Lead Hairstylist David Lopez for his thoughts on the matter because they make some of the best hair tools around.

He says, “Whenever I’m asked what the most important part of a successful hair styling routine is, I always have the same answer: your blowdryer. I always recommend investing in a professional quality hair dryer over a drugstore.”

He says there are two main reasons why the blowdryer you use matters. First, professional blowdryers are made to last. High-end brands spend time and money to bring you the best tools possible. Take their Featherweight Luxe 2i dryer, for example. “T3 [built it] from the ground up, taking into consideration engineering, technology and design. The motor is lighter, lasts longer and is ultimately more effective than anything you can find at your local drug store. It’s made to withstand professional level usage so you won’t be replacing it in a couple of months.”

The second reason: you get what you pay for. “We hear a lot about ionic, [ceramic and tourmaline] technology and unfortunately many drugstore brands use these buzzwords without actually implementing the technology or its benefits into their own tools. A professional level hair dryer will deliver this technology more effectively, which will increase its benefits for the consumer.”

And while $250 can seem like a hefty price tag, a quality blowdryer will cut down your styling time and will last for years (unless you drop it repeatedly like I did). Over time, you’ll probably end up saving money because you won’t have to replace it every few months, or give up and drop the money at a blow-dry salon.

So instead of suffering through a couple more shoddy blowouts, I’m off to buy another quality blowdryer and, let me tell you, it will make my life so much easier. If you haven’t already, make the switch. You can thank me later.

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