How I Improved My Fitness | The Last 5


The theme of this week’s episode is fitness, which again, makes up about 30 percent of any weight loss change. Now, I worked out regularly before I started Christine’s Evolution20 program, so I thought it would be easy to start doing her workouts. I mean they’re only 20 minutes a piece, how bad could it be? I was so wrong.

Christine makes it look so easy when you watch the videos, but it’s a lot more of a workout than it looks like it would be. If you watch the video below, you’ll see that I was just not prepared for that workout on the first day. I felt so weak and uncoordinated. I basically looked like a big fool.

However, I was surprised by how fast I improved after that first day. I followed the plan and did a video each day, and I got so much better at the workouts. While I’m still no pro, I do feel a little more confident doing them. Her workouts also challenge so many different muscles that I don’t think I’ve ever worked before, so there is some soreness involved too.

In addition to her program, I’ve also been doing other workouts like yoga, Pilates and cycling classes. I really noticed the difference in my strength during a Pilates class. I hadn’t gone in a few weeks, but once I was back in, I felt great. I could hold planks and other moves for longer, and with better form than before. I also went on a hike that used to be pretty strenuous for me and was able to do it without breaking much of a sweat or feeling winded. Yay me!

Also, my stomach is definitely getting flatter and more toned, which I’m especially excited about. And all of my clothes seem to fit better. The one thing that is a little annoying about this process is that my boobs have shrunk a little and I had to go out and buy new bras that fit better. But I guess there are worse things that can happen right?

Take a look at the video below to see how I improved and learn a brand new workout to try!