My Favorite Group Fitness Classes in Los Angeles | The Last 5


One of the tips Christine Bullock gave me the very first day I met her was to plan out all my workouts ahead of time. And even before I started this whole program, I knew that I was a million times more likely to workout if I already had something scheduled. That’s why group fitness classes are perfect.

First of all, a lot of them have cancellation fees if you cancel within 12 or sometimes 24 hours of the class, so there’s a monetary motivation. Also, I love the social aspect of group fitness classes. There’s just something about having a group of people all going through the same thing that keeps you energized. I feel like I get a better workout when someone tells me what to do than when I’m at the gym on my own.

So with all of that in mind, I’ve been hopping around to different group fitness classes all over Los Angeles in search of my favorites. As expected, there have been some duds like the aerial yoga class that smelled like a kitty litter box and a pilates mat class that felt like a waste of time. But I’m happy to report that I’ve found some studios that I’m going to keep visiting.

First, there’s Exhale. They have a bunch of locations across the US and offer a variety of yoga and barre classes. There’s something for every fitness level, but my favorite class has been their Power Yoga class. It’s fast paced, so it doesn’t get boring, and I always walk out feeling like I got a great workout.

Then, there’s Flywheel. Different cycling studios seem to be springing up all over the place like daisies, but this place is especially cool because they have a leader board displayed at the front of the class. You have your own user name and it shows your progress. They even use it to do races, so if competition motivates you, then this place is perfect for you. I’ve had some really fun instructors that somehow make an intensely sweaty workout feel like a dance party.

Finally, I absolutely love going taking pilates reformer classes at The Studio (MDR). You’re always moving in these classes, so they never get boring–super important in my book. It’s strength training combined with cardio, so you will definitely break a sweat and feel sore the next day. But enough from me…watch the latest episode of The Last 5 to hear what their instructor Mary Miller has to say!