How I Lost Weight | The Last 5


Two months ago, I made a commitment to myself, to Christine Bullock, to the Mixed Makeup team and to anyone who was willing to watch The Last 5 go down. I keep saying this, but I’ve made weight loss and “get healthy” goals so many times in my life and have never been able to stick it out past the first few days. Maybe this time, it was the combination of all the aforementioned variables that I was able to follow all the rules.

That meant trying to be healthy at a time people usually throw any attempts at being healthy out the window–the holidays. It was the ultimate test of will power. There were so many parties and gatherings filled with the most delicious foods and drinks, but I called upon Christine’s wisdom to help me get past it. And it truthfully was liberating. It only got easier and easier to make healthier choices as this whole process went along. Even more than just practice, the results I saw as the weeks went by motivated me even more. My skin got clearer, I lost my love handles, I got more energy and I felt a surge of confidence.

So now that I’ve reached the end of Christine’s Evolution20 program, what’s next? Well, I plan to keep doing her videos and going to my favorite workout spots in Los Angeles, as well as sticking to the general guidelines of the diet (limiting dairy, gluten and processed sugar). But I think I’ll add in some cheese and bread here and there. It’s strange to think that I don’t really crave cheese anymore, which is what I thought I would miss the most.

Really, the whole point of this was to put myself on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. And I think that over the past two months, I’ve really built the foundation to help me continue on. As you may have seen in episode four, I had already lost more than my original weight loss goal. Since then, my goal has really been to tone up and really get those “Victoria’s Secret abs” that have been mentioned a time or two throughout this process. Watch the final episode below to get my final measurements and get some final words of advice from Christine!