The Best Round Brush to Use For Blowouts


I spend a good amount of time every week blow drying my hair. It’s kinky-curly, and just doesn’t look good unless it’s groomed. That’s why a blowdryer and round brush are staples in my beauty routine. Since I discovered that the quality of your blowdryer matters, I’ve also been wondering if the same goes for round brushes. There’s a lot of different styles and brands out there, but really it comes down to two basic options: metal or ceramic with a vented core or bristled with no core.

Metal or ceramic brushes retain heat longer and dry your hair a bit faster. The advantage of this is that you can use them like a curling iron to get soft waves. But there’s also a downside: “They can get too hot and cause more damage to the hair if you’re not careful,” says celebrity hairstylist Matthew Monzon.

As for bristled brushes, the most common type of bristle used is boar. The tightly-packed bristles help you get a good amount of tension on the hair, which helps you straighten and smooth it easily.

So basically, metal brushes curl and bristle brushes straighten, but if you’re a beginner, then it’s safer to start with a bristle brush.

I asked both Monzon and celebrity hairstylist Amber Dawn what their favorite brush to use was and they both had the same response: the G-Series brushes from YS Park. Each brush has a combination of two different types of bristles: boar bristles for tension and shine, and heat resistant polyamide pins for less damage and faster drying time.

Dawn says the combination of the bristles makes it a lot less work for you. And while the price range is slightly on the expensive side, $35-68 depending on the size, the stylists say they should last forever. Now, back to the question at the top: yes, the quality of your round brush matters too!