Kim Kardashian Wants A Green Juice to Make Her Tan: Our Favorite Stories of the Week


In today’s beauty news, Kim Kardashian writes a letter to her future self, Jennifer Aniston schools us with a healthy travel tip, watermelon pizza (’nuff said), and more.

Jennifer Aniston makes her own salads to take on flights, so now we have to make our own salads to take on flights. It’s the cool thing to do. (Glamour)

Speaking of air travel, did you know that you’re at a greater risk of sun damage above the clouds? (W Magazine)

We now know what the homes of Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Gwen Stefani, and Nicole Richie smell like. (Allure)

Just in time for summer, IZZE will launch sparkling waters and they’re all delicious. (Mixed Makeup)

Gorgeous model Andreja Pejic and the face of Make Up For Ever recently opened up about coming out as a transgender woman and gave some awesome beauty advice. (Harpers Bazaar)

Kim Kardashian hopes that by 2025 a green juice will be invented to keep her tan forever. So do we, Kim. So do we. (Jezebel)

If you want to avoid silicone in your beauty products (the jury’s still out on whether they’re bad for you or not), then be wary of other names it could be hiding under. (PopSugar)

Refreshing and delicious? We’re definitely making watermelon, feta, and balsamic pizza this summer. (SkinnyTaste)