Janet Jackson Hasn’t Aged a Day: Our Favorite Stories of the Week


This week we’re talking about Janet Jackson’s gorgeous hair, sunscreen myths, Rebecca Minkoff’s new activewear line and more.

Janet Jackson is still a beauty inspiration at 49 years old. Her flawless skin and voluminous curls at the BET Awards this past weekend are proof. (Allure)

Blue eyeliner is a festive choice for Independence day, but we think it should be a makeup staple all summer long. (Mixed Makeup)

Alkaline diets are gaining popularity because they can help keep you slim and make your body more immune to diseases. But apparently, you can take it too far. Every thing in moderation people. (Glamour)

Rebecca Minkoff is getting in on the fashionable activewear game. The line (priced between $58 and $255) includes fitness basics like sports bras, tanks, leggings, jackets, vests, sweats, plus active skirts and dresses. (well+GOOD)

Research tells us that sunscreen is key to prevent skin cancer and premature aging, but some people think that the chemicals in sunscreen are worse for you than it is to go without it. The answer is: nice try. You still need to wear sunscreen. (The Cut)

Speaking of sunscreen, here are three you should try: