Who is Irene Kim? Our Favorite Stories of the Week


Irene Kim joins Estee Lauder, clown contouring is now a thing, why rotating makeup brushes are superior, and more.

South Korean beauty sensation, model, and TV personality, Irene Kim, is joining the Estee Lauder family as a Global Beauty Contributer. Her two favorite products are Advanced Night Repair Serum and the Modern Muse fragrance. (Estee Lauder)

Vitamin B is tough to get on a vegetarian diet, but there may be a solution: ashitaba. It’s a Japanese herb that contains high levels of vitamin B6 and B12. (Glamour)

So, “clown contouring” might become a thing in the beauty world. We know. It sounds ridiculous, but the results are actually pretty normal looking. Once it’s blended, that is. (Bustle)

Rihanna has fulfilled her duty as hair inspiration to us all with a 70s inspired auburn hairstyle. LOVE. (Marie Claire)

Apparently, these are the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. (Love Taza)

Your regular makeup brushes are going to seem really boring after watching this episode of The Cut all about Doll 10 Brushes: