This Rosette Hairstyle is Easier to Do Than You Think


It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of the classic blowout, bun, or ponytail hairstyles. But there are so many pretty hairstyles that are so easy you have no excuse not to break out of your comfort zone. For this rosette hairstyle, all you need is a brush, clear elastic bands, bobby pins, and hairspray. Here’s a step by step guide from contributer Melissa Cook.

1. Brush your hair to detangle and create a part where you want it. Then, separate a small section of hair from either side of your head.


2. Bring the two sections together over the rest of your hair and secure with an elastic band.


3. Do a basic three strand braid with this newly created pony tail and secure the end with an elastic band.


4. Next, roll the braid up and towards towards the elastic band at the top, creating a rosette shape.


5. Pin the edges of the rosette down with four to five bobby pins. Make sure they stay hidden underneath the hair.


6. Spray the style with a medium hold hairspray to lock in the style.

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