How Blake Lively Got Her Svelte Post-Baby Body: Our Favorite Stories of the Week


Blake Lively’s workout secret, why the cut crease is a huge makeup trend, how smoking ages you, and more of our favorite stories of the week.

Blake Lively gives her fans a tiny peek into her personal life through her Instagram. Recently, she revealed that she has her svelte post-baby body thanks to the help of personal trainer Don Saladino. (Instagram)

This woman’s doctor actually prescribed blowouts to her following surgery. Who is this doctor and how can we get a prescription too? (xoVain)

The cut crease is a huge makeup trend right now. “You instantly lift your eyelids with this technique,” says YouTuber Sona Gasparian. “And what’s great about it is that you can go super soft or really dramatic depending on your mood.” (Glamour)

In case you need yet another reminder, smoking is bad for you both inside and out. A professional makeup artist showed three smokers what they would look like in 30 years and the results weren’t pretty. (BuzzFeed)

Ladies, would you only use men’s beauty products for a week? This Marie Claire editor did and surprisingly got clearer skin. (Marie Claire)

Your skin isn’t the same all over your face, so it just doesn’t make sense to use just one product. Introducing multi-masking.

Image: Blake Lively Instagram