Gigi Hadid’s Signature Hairstyle Explained: Our Favorite Stories of the Week


Model Gigi Hadid says her signature middle part is not a “signature look.” There’s a much simpler explanation for it. (MIMIchatter)

Kylie Jenner’s lip guy–Beverly Hills, CA dermatologist Simon Ourian, MD–explains what you need to do to get those famous full lips. Fair warning though, it seems like a lot of work. (ELLE)

People are dying their eyebrows funky colors. The most popular color at the moment is blue. We think we might sit this trend out. (Allure)

It’s okay to dye your hair when you’re pregnant. (PureWow)

Are you brave enough to wax your own eyebrows? Check out this step-by-step guide. (Citizens of Beauty)

The bikini body is so yesterday. Now it’s time to get your body ready for form-fitting fall clothing with one of these workouts. (Vogue)

Chemical peels don’t all have to end up like Samantha’s infamous one in Sex and the City. Watch this episode of #TheSASS to see Beeta from BeetaBeautyTV get a gentler version.