Hey Guys, the New Clarisonic Alpha Fit is For You!


Clarisonic devices have long been hailed by dermatologists and aestheticians as an essential part of a good skincare routine. Even though men have been using it for years, it was actually designed for women’s skin. That’s why the folks at Clarisonic decided it was high time to make one for men’s specific skin care needs called the Clarisonic Alpha Fit ($189).

First of all, let’s discuss what makes Clarisonics so great. They work just like an electric toothbrush–the sonic motion of the brush gently flexes pores to help lift away dirt, oil, and debris. Using a Clarisonic can help your skincare products absorb better, clear pores, reduce inflammation, and improve skintone.

So why do men need a different device? There are actually several reasons. For one, men’s skin has a lower pH level that makes them more prone to breakouts. Men’s skin is also firmer and more elastic than women’s and that means they need different settings to address their tougher skin. Their skin is also more susceptible to moisture loss because of their testosterone levels and constant shaving.

The Clarisonic Alpha Fit has two settings–one for bearded men and one for clean-shaven, lightly stubbled men. It’s great to use before shaving because it helps clear away the dead skin, dirt, and oil that builds up at the roots of facial hair. It also prevents ingrown hairs and razor burn.

We’re sensing that this will be a popular gift when the holiday season rolls around. Shop below!

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