How Sofia Vergara Looks So Young: Our Favorite Stories of the Week


Sofia Vergara has this treatment to thank for her youthful skin, Nivea has a new fragrance, what to do after you workout, and more of our favorite stories of the week.

Sofia Vergara’s ageless skin is thanks to aesthetician Camille Obadia and radio frequency treatments. (Hollywood Life)

Romantic beauty is back thanks to fashion month. (The Gloss)

You can eat and exercise exactly like they did in the 70s and still be 10 percent heavier. The reason: all those pollutants, antibiotics, and pesticides used in the food we eat. Ugh. (ELLE)

Ever wish the scent of Nivea’s skincare creams came in perfume form? Well your wish just came true. The brand is set to launch a fragrance in Germany this month with plans to release it to more countries later this year. The fragrance will have notes of Lily of the Valley, lavender, sandalwood, and mandarin. (WWD)

After you workout, you have to do these four things: rehydrate, stretch, wash your face, and eat. (InStyle)

Helpful fall clothing tip: freezing your tights can help prevent runs and tears. (PureWow)

Mariah Carey has teamed up with MAC to create a lipstick collection for spring 2016. But don’t expect to see red lipstick. The songstress says she doesn’t think the color looks good on her so she never wears it. (WWD)

We caught up with celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg to find out her best makeup tips. Watch the video below to find out what they are.

 Image: Cosmopolitan