We Went to A Morning Rave and Here’s What Happened


The words rave and healthy typically don’t go hand-in-hand, but that’s exactly what you get with a morning rave. It’s a trend that’s sweeping the globe because instead of partying the night away, it’s a great motivation to wake up early and jumpstart your day. We were invited by St. Ives to check out a morning rave thrown by St. Ives and Morning Gloryville and we jumped at the chance…because who wouldn’t want to experience it first hand?


The venue, a place called Full Circle in Venice, CA, was hard to miss because you could hear the beat of the music outside–which immediately got us excited about the fun to be had. There was a DJ set up front and center with people dancing around just as you would expect. Despite it being a sober rave (minus the caffeine buzz), people were dressed in your typical rave gear and even funny costumes. One guy even dressed as a donut! Tip one if you ever hit a morning rave: dress for the occasion. We felt a little out of place in our workout gear, but realized it didn’t matter because everyone was there to have a good time.


In addition to the healthy food vendors, St. Ives offered fruit infused waters at a hydration station inspired by their natural ingredients, including pear and mandarin oranges. They had St. Ives face scrubs and body lotions to try, which was a nice touch outside and inside the restrooms for the morning ravers to freshen up before work. They also had a couple food vendors, yoga, and a masseuse on hand as well.


We danced around and explored all the rave had to offer and afterwards, we really did feel a little more energized. There’s just something about being up early that makes you feel like it’s going to be a great day! Here’s a little taste of what we experienced:


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Morning raves are definitely a sight to see and experience for yourself. But next time, we’ll have to come up with a funky outfit to wear too! A big thank you to St. Ives for hosting us at our first morning rave and partnering on the experience!