I Tried a Chin Mask and Here’s What Happened

Like any other gal, I love a good face mask. There’s just something so relaxing about curling up on the couch to watch some Netflix with a face mask on and a nice cup of tea. I enjoy face masks in pretty much every shape and form, so I knew I had to check out masks for your chin.

The purpose of Miss Spa Tone Hydrogel Chin Mask ($6) is to lift and tone the area around your chin. It’s supposed to give your jawline more contour, which helps you look a little slimmer, as well as smooth out any fine lines and “crepiness.” It also contains vitamin C and plant extracts to help firm up your skin.

I was curious to see what this mask could do, so I took it out of the package and peeled it off of the plastic sheet. It conveniently has two holes on either side of it that you sling around your ears to keep it in place. (Side note: my head might be a little too big for the mask because my ears felt a little sore from the mask pulling on them.)

Once it’s in place, you wait 30 minutes for all that skincare goodness to soak in. I occupied my time taking selfies…

…and catching up on some reading with Mason Pearson, the new Mixed Makeup mascot.


When the time was up, I took the mask off and patted the serum into my skin. I have to admit that my jawline didn’t look much different, but I wasn’t really expecting anything drastic. I’m sure I’d start to see some results with regular use. On the plus side, the skin on my chin and jawline area feels really hydrated and smooth!

I would definitely recommend giving this mask a try. If you do, let me know what you think in the comments.