Barbie Beauty Over the Decades: Our Favorite Stories of the Week


Barbie beauty evolution, new Marilyn Monroe pictures, the truth about social media, and more of our favorite stories this week.

Want to see how beauty trends have changed over the years? Look no further than Barbie. (PopSugar)

On her mission to change social media, Essena O’Neill revealed the sad way she stayed thin. (Refinery29)

Somehow there are still unseen photos of Marilyn Monroe and these are nude. (ELLE)

Tired of those long, Kardashian-inspired acrylic nails, here’s how to reverse the damage they cause. (Allure)

Ever wonder what happens when you stop washing your hair? The results are both good and bad. (PureWOW)

In more social media news, an ELLE writer stopped editing her Instagram photos. Not surprisingly, her food didn’t look as tasty. (ELLE)

Mmmm…walnut butter.