This Weight Loss Trend is Growing in Popularity: Our Favorite Stories of the Week

Details on the latest weight loss trend, the best way to keep your New Year’s resolution, how bananas can help get rid of acne, and more of the stories we’re clicking on this week.


Fasting every other day is becoming a popular weight loss trend. A study revealed that people who tried it lost four percent of their body fat in three weeks. (ELLE)

The best face mask for your skin type. (Women’s Health)

This tool makes it so you only wash the roots of your hair. (Allure)

No, sleeping with a bra on won’t keep your breasts perky. Also, there’s no exercise that can help increase your cup size. (PureWow)

Apparently, applying the inside of a banana peel to a pimple can help it go away faster. (Health)

One of the best ways to keep those weight loss New Year’s resolutions is to create a support group. (Glamour)

And this is the best way to start a weight loss program.