Beauty Blender Just Launched a New Product: Our Favorite Stories of the Week

Liquid eyeliner lovers are going to love this new Beauty Blender tool, Kylie Jenner’s latest lip color, the consequences of binge-watching tv shows, and more of the stories we’re clicking on this week.


Beauty Blender just launched a new product called Liner Designer to help you get the perfect winged eyeliner. (Buzzfeed)

Kylie Jenner showed off the newest addition to her lip empire. A pretty pink color called “Posie K.” (Instagram)

Bryce Dallas Howard should consider a side career as a fashion stylist. She’s been buying her own red carpet dresses so far for this awards season. (Glamour)

Justin Bieber dyed his hair lavender and we’re not mad at it. (Refinery 29)

In unsurprising news, the whole “Netflix and Chill” trend isn’t so great for your waistline. (ELLE)

Make this walnut butter and have it with green apples and celery for a healthy snack.