Did Anne Hathaway Dye Her Hair? Our Favorite Stories of the Week

Hugh Jackman battles skin cancer, Starbucks sets the mood for Valentine’s Day, Anne Hathaway dyes her hair, and more of our favorite stories of the week.


Princess Charlotte is already a beauty trend setter. Marc Jacobs named a lipstick after her. (Yahoo)

Beyoncé released a music video for “Formation” and all her hair looks are awesome. (Refinery 29)

Everyone is wondering whether Anne Hathaway dyed her hair or not. (People)

Starbucks has Valentine’s Day themed drinks. (NBC)

Gray hair is the new hair color trend for men. (Pop Sugar)

Hugh Jackman continued his battle against skin cancer and urged his fans to wear sunscreen. (Instagram)

La Roche Posay just came out with a UV sticker that connects to your smartphone to tell you when to apply sunscreen. (Fast Company)

Make these matcha pancakes. They’re delicious!