Lady Gaga Bleaches Her Eyebrows EVERY DAY: Our Favorite Stories of the Week

Lady Gaga’s intense beauty routine, the best workout incentive, the trick to applying false lashes, and more of the stories we’re clicking on this week.


Wow. Lady Gaga bleaches her eyebrows EVERY SINGLE DAY. (Glamour)

Today in bizarre contouring trends, neck contouring is now a thing. *Shakes head* (PopSugar)

Most experts recommend washing your face twice a day, but if you’re going to skin one, it’s best to skip the morning wash. (Allure)

Money is the best incentive to workout, says a study. (Glamour)

Pat McGrath says to do eyeliner first if you aren’t very good at applying false lashes. “The eyeliner makes it so you don’t see the gaps between the lashes,” says McGrath. (The Cut)

Get your eyebrows “on fleek” with these tips.