Can Technology Make You Gain Weight?: Our Favorite Stories of the Week

How technology makes you gain weight, the best lip colors from the Oscars, why to consider your period when it comes to your hair, and more of our favorite stories of the week.


Apparently, millennials eat more than any other generation that came before and some say technology is to blame. (Man Repeller)

Your new favorite lip balm might actually be a nipple cream. (Allure)

Because God forbid a celebrity be caught wearing the same thing to an Oscars after party as the ceremony. (Glamour)

Getting the lip colors of the gorgeous 2016 Oscar guests has never been so easy. (InStyle)

In today’s weird beauty news, should you base your hair care routine on your period? (Refinery 29)

Millennials may be obsessed with food, but the bright side is there are recipes that can make you more beautiful. Watch the video below!