Celebrity Spring Hairstyles to Try: Our Favorite Stories of the Week

Get ready for spring with these celebrity hairstyles, Marie Antoinette had a gross beauty routine, how to step up your oatmeal, and more of our favorite stories this week.


This drag queen transformed herself into iconic 90s characters. (Bustle)

Bored with your oatmeal? Dress it up with some bacon and a poached egg. Plus, a ton of other ideas. (Glamour)

Would you try Marie Antoinette’s beauty routine? (Refinery 29)

Try one of these celebrity-approved spring hairstyles this season. (ELLE)

Can you guess what celebrity has the most Instagram followers? Hint: It’s not Taylor Swift. (Mashable)

We all love how our skin looks in candlelight, but we can’t walk around with a candle all the time. Watch below to see what products you need to get the look!