Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? Our Favorite Stories of the Week

The world weighs in on Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy status, the return of the perm, why you may want to throw out your yoga mat, and more of our favorite stories of the week.


Recent paparazzi pictures of Jennifer Aniston have everyone thinking that she’s expecting. If it’s true, that’s going to be one cute kid. (ET)

It’s confirmed. Yoga mats are disgusting. (ELLE)

Sweet potato toast is giving avocado toast a run for it’s money. (Well + Good)

If your cushion compact feels like it’s running low on product, flip it the cushion over and it’ll feel like new. (Michelle Phan)

Impress your friends at brunch with these champagne ice cubes. (PureWOW)

Are perms the next big thing in beauty? A recent picture posted by Jenna Dewan might convince you. (Pop Sugar)

If Jennifer Aniston really is pregnant, then she might find this morning sickness cure useful.