Try this Selena Gomez Diet Tip: Our Favorite Stories of the Week

Selena Gomez swears by ginger shots, Beauty and the Beast lip balms, Bella Hadid’s new hair color, and more of our favorite stories of the week.


Who doesn’t love a good brow transformation? (Refinery 29)

Bella Hadid now had platinum pink hair. (Glamour)

Lip balms with flowers in them? Sign us up! (Hello Giggles)

Selena Gomez diet tip: take a shot of ginger every morning. (Vogue)

Not surprised, but milk is officially your skin’s worst enemy. (ELLE)

The worst sleeping position is on your stomach. *Sigh* (PureWOW)

Stretch marks are soon to be a thing of the past thanks to this treatment. Watch the video below!