Donkey Milk is the Next Big Thing in Beauty: Our Favorite Stories of the Week

Donkey milk is now a big skincare ingredient, the best acne medication, details on eyebrow extensions, and more of our favorite stories of the week.


Donkey milk is apparently the next big thing in beauty probably because it’s high in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, and E. It also triggers fewer allergies than cow milk. (Allure)

True to her word, Alicia Key’s attended the BET awards with ZERO makeup. (People)

Cyndi Lauper says you can wear any style of makeup when you’re older, you just have to do it lighter. (Huffington Post)

If you struggle with acne, dermatologists say you have two options as far as medications are concerned. They’re Accutane and Spironolactone. (Refinery 29)

Angelina Jolie’s hairstylist David Babaii says it’s okay to wash your hair every day. (The Cut)

If you want bold brows like Cara Delevigne, then you might want to try eyebrow extensions. Watch the video below to learn more about them!