You HAVE to Try this Bubble Mask

I’m a big fan of face masks. I still remember the pure joy I felt when I was a little girl doing one of those drugstore peel-off masks. I’ve since graduated to fancy peel-off masks, mud masks, sheet masks, and more. Recently, I’ve seen bubble masks all over the internet and I knew I had to try one for myself.



I decided to go with Miss Spa Oxygenating Bubble Mask ($) for my first bubble mask experience. It contains pineapple fruit extract and vitamin B3 that work to exfoliate your skin, even out your skin tone, and give you a radiant glow. It starts off as a jelly-like creme and turns foamy over the course of 15 minutes.

Watch this video to see how it looks!



The verdict: I’m a big fan. My skin felt super refreshed and hydrated and I think my makeup went on more smoothly afterwards. Honestly, even if this mask had no skincare benefits, I would still want to do it just because it’s so fun. Plus, it makes for great selfies!



Have you tried a bubble mask? Let me know your favorite one in the comments!