This New Lash Tool Will Simplify Your Beauty Routine Next Week

Photos: Flirt Cosmetics
Photos: Flirt Cosmetics

If you, like us, have tried every product, tip, and trick in the book in the name of fluttery lashes, then your beauty routine is about to get easier. Next week marks the revival of Flirt Cosmetics, the Kohl’s-exclusive makeup line owned by Estée Lauder— and their first product comes in the form of a game-changing lash applicator that’s taking the frustration out of falsies.

The playful brand is set to debut Flashes, a cool new tool that dispenses false lashes directly onto your lids. The pocket-sized product has been compared to a Wite-Out dispenser, but instead of containing correction tape, it’s loaded with individual lashes that come in clusters of three. To apply, you simply roll a tiny dial to reveal the lashes, add a tiny drop of glue, then use the device to easily stick the lashes onto your lids.

In addition to its adorable packaging (dreamed up by creative director and Instagram-faved illustrator Donald Robertson) what we love about this product is that you don’t need the same cool-handed precision as when you use tweezers. It’ll cost you $28 and comes loaded with 44 sets of lashes; once the applicator is empty, it can be refilled with more lashes.

Tech-savvy beauty aficionados will be happy to know that this smart product is virtually loaded with video tutorials and more digital content. Simply tap your smartphone against the applicator and you’ll have instant access to how-to videos.


The face of Flirt is none other than unapologetically sexy model Amber Rose; Flashes arrives on the brand’s website next Thursday, September 15th.

In the meantime, we’ll have to put up with putting on lashes the old-fashioned way. (Sigh.) Check out our top ten tips on applying false lashes in the video below, and let us know in the comments if you’ll be buying Flashes from Flirt Cosmetics when it arrives next week.