This New Anti-Aging Device Brings Your Dermatologist’s Office to You

Photo: Courtesy
Photo: Courtesy of EndyMed

A new take-home device to get younger-looking skin is coming — just in time for your holiday wish list. The company behind stretch mark-erasing treatments, EndyMed, is releasing the Newa, a $450 home skincare tool that’s the first-of-its-kind to be approved by the FDA to treat wrinkles at home.

The device is set to launch at Bergdorf Goodman’s and Neiman Marcus’ websites the first week of December (it’ll land in stores in early 2017), and we can’t wait to try it. It uses EndyMed’s innovative collagen-stimulating Professional 3Deep technology to tighten skin, and if it’s anything like the in-office treatment, it’s bound to be a great anti-aging device. The product needs to be used with Lift Activator Gel ($39), which must be layered onto the skin before the device is moved in circles on the face around areas of concern.

EndyMed North America CEO Amy Kamin tells WWD that the Newa is “just a miniaturized version of the professional technology,” adding that it’s comparable to treatments that cost $5,000 at the dermatologist’s office. In addition to addressing stretch marks, EndyMed’s professional devices treat issues like acne scars and cellulite using radiofrequency technology to turn over skin cells and stimulate collagen production.

As WWD notes, the Newa is already on shelves overseas, including China and Germany.

So while you’ll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on it, you can see the in-office EndyMed machine get rid of stretch marks in our video below!