Here’s A Skin-Smoothing Laser Treatment That Works with All Skin Tones and Types


It used to be that only people with certain skin tones could enjoy the benefits of laser treatments — but thankfully, advancements in technology now allow anyone to get younger-looking skin. That’s because newer laser treatments don’t target melanin, the pigment that gives our skin, hair, and eyes their color.

Enter Clear + Brilliant, a non-ablated laser resurfacing treatment that offers “minimal downtime but maximal results,” says board-certified dermatologist and Facile Skincare co-founder Nancy Samolitis, M.D. In the latest episode of The SASS, co-hosts Sharzad Kiadeh and Susan Yara visited Dr. Samolitis at her West Hollywood dermatology space and boutique with special guest Elizabeth Hunterton to see how this skin-smoothing enhancement works.

“The laser basically makes little tiny injuries in your skin; they look like little dots of laser energy, and in between the dots are sections of normal, healthy skin,” which helps the skin heal quicker, Dr. Samolitis explains.  “[The laser] helps to peel off a little bit of the top layer of the skin, so when you get new collagen growing back, it’s smoother, tighter, and [has] less pigmentation.”

Watch the full video below to find out how long it takes to get this treatment, how soon you can wear makeup afterwards, when you’ll start seeing results, and more.