These Nail Caps Make It a Cinch to Remove Gel Polish at Home

I love gel nail polish, there’s just one setback: it’s a pain in the butt to remove. I’ve tried to do it myself with the whole cotton balls, acetone, and foils shebang, but it takes forever and I still end up ruining my nails in the process. After many failures, I just resigned myself to ponying up the $5 to 10 (plus tip) to do it at the nail salon. However, while I was at the Sally Beauty conference in Dallas this past October, I made a discovery that’s led me to do it at home again: ASP Soak Off Gel Polish Caps and Foam Pads.


They’re rubbery caps and foam pads that help you easily remove gel polish at-home without the mess. They’re pretty straight forward to use. Once you’ve buffed off the top layer of the gel polish, add a little acetone to the foam pad and slip your finger into the cap. Some foam will stick out, but that’s okay because it prevents the acetone from leaking everywhere. Then you just let it do its thing for about 10 minutes and use a wooden stick to scrape off the polish.

They make the process of removing gel polish a lot less messy and more streamlined. Plus, they help you use your own body heat to speed up the removal process. While you still can’t play on your phone or do much else besides watch TV or our latest YouTube videos, it’s nice to have a simpler way to do it.

Also, the caps and foam pads are reusable, so you don’t have to waste any foil or cotton balls. I still prefer the ease of having a nail tech remove my gel polish because I’m lazy, but if I’m ever in a pinch, I like that I have these as an option.