Model and Eco Activist Angela Lindvall on Her Fave DIY Beauty Masks and More

Image: Alvin Manuel for Love Goodly

When professional beautiful people share their skincare secrets we listen — especially when they involve simple ingredients found in our very own kitchen pantry. That’s why we were all ears when supermodel and environmental activist Angela Lindvall shared her DIY face mask recipes this past weekend as the keynote speaker at vegan lifestyle subscription box Love Goodly‘s first-ever conference in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old model “became very passionate [about sustainability in the ’90s] when my career was taking off and I was seeing what an impact that trends…and the media [and] fashion magazines [had],” she told the crowd. “At that time especially within the fashion industry, people thought I was a little bit coo-coo,” she revealed.

First discovered at 14, the Midwest-bred mother of two has graced the covers of magazines like Vogue and Elle, mentored models as the host of fashion reality series Project Runway: All Stars, and even appeared on the big screen. (This is all on top being a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, health coach, and founder of her own sustainability-focused nonprofit organization.)

Below, read on for a few of of our favorite beauty takeaways that Lindvall shared, from her go-to esthetician in Los Angeles, green beauty, and more.

On being into “green” beauty before it was an official term: “When I was about 15, my mom – she had a chemist background [and was a] massage therapist — realized everything we put on our skin goes into our bodies. She started making our face creams at home; this was way before there were [similar mass market] products out there.”

On her favorite eco-minded skincare products: “I’ve been using Sonya Dakar for a really long time; she also has a chemist background. [Her products are all] organic and she’s an esthetician. I use so many products [from] Shiva Rose.

On the DIY masks she recommends: “I also mash bananas on my face — bananas, oranges, and yogurt; that’s an amazing mask [for vibrant skin]. And then an egg white with lemon juice [for treating acne] is also an amazing mask.”