This Is How You Eat Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

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Now that the VS Angels have successfully invaded Paris, they can hang up their wings and relax for a bit: which we’re guessing means taking a break from those rigid workout schedules, strict diets, and hovering glam squads. Before filming the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday (the show airs Monday, December 5th on CBS), the models revealed how they eat their way clear skin with PopSugar.

Because not all of us were blessed with gorgeous genes and fast metabolisms, we’re sharing a few model-approved foods to accompany your skincare routine. Read on below for tips from Joan Smalls, Bella Hadid, and more VS Angels, then check out the full story at PopSugar.

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Joan Smalls: “Drink a lot of water with lemon, like fresh squeezed lemon. For eating I don’t diet.”

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Bella Hadid: “I don’t deprive myself of anything…I love eating sautéed spinach, grilled chicken, and sautéed veggies.”

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Jasmin Tookes: “Broccoli is awesome. It tastes so amazing, you can put a little bit of garlic powder on it and season it up a bit.”

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Sara Sampaio: “It’s definitely dairy and sugar that you need to avoid for clear skin. And drink lots of water. That’s the three basic things.”

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Martha Hunt: “I like to add in a lot more salmon into my diet and a lot of dark greens like kale and also avocado, like healthy fats.”

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Devon Windsor: “I can’t say I eat a certain food for clear skin, although I heard that red wine gives you like really nice skin, and I do drink a lot of red wine.”

There you have it: broccoli and red wine! What are your favorite foods for getting a natural glow? Share with us in the comments!