Will 2017 Be The Year of Diamond Nails?

Image: @nail_unistella
Image: @nail_unistella

If you thought you’d seen every out-of-this-world nail trend possible, think again. Just as we saw with chrome, rainbow, holographic, and glass-shattered designs, the next innovative manicure obsession comes in the form of diamonds.

Unsurprisingly, the kaleidoscopic look comes from Korea, as Byrdie reveals. Glow Recipe co-founder Sarah Lee recently told the beauty website that she discovered this prismatic mani after meeting with Unistella, a Seoul Korea-based nail studio founded by manicure mastermind Eun Kyung Park.

This gem-inspired mani shimmers from every angle and is similar to last year’s glass nails, which were also dreamed up by Unistella. Nail artist Park glued tiny “shards” of cellophane into a hypnotizing holographic mosaic.

Take a sneak peek of the iridescent mani masterpiece below and cross your fingers that a tutorial arrives soon!

Will you try the diamond nail trend or plan on recreating this look at home? Tell us in the comments!

Main image: @nail_unistella