Gwen Stefani’s New Gig with Revlon and Her ‘Chola Girl’ Inspiration

Image: Gwen Stefani

From pulling off every makeup experiment in the ’90s to rocking her signature red lip as a judge on The Voice, it’s safe to say that Gwen Stefani has earned her spot as a beauty icon — so it’s no surprise that Revlon has tapped the music and fashion superstar as its latest global ambassador.

It turns out that the new gig isn’t exactly the multi-hyphenate’s first time working with the brand: long before she collaborated with Urban Decay and OPI, the singer worked behind the beauty counters at now-defunct department store Broadway, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

“I was a makeup artist when I was in my early twenties at the [Anaheim mall], they never trained me,” Stefani told WWD. “I worked behind the counter there for Borghese, which nobody bought because it was expensive, and [Revlon-owned] Ultima II.”

“I just remember making people feel so much joy and so inspired and so full of confidence, and that’s what makeup can do,” she said. “I’d be like, ‘Let me put some makeup on you, let me show you what you could look like.'”

Stefani said Revlon’s Choose Love campaign “is really where my heart is at [and aligns] exactly with where I’m at in my personal life,” hinting at her romance with The Voice co-star Blake Shelton. “In the last couple of years, I’ve had to kind of choose love, choose truth, choose to be positive and work my way back to a place of using my gift and sharing my love with people.”

Stefani credits her mother and grandmother for inspiring her passion for makeup. “My mom [always had] a bright pink cheek and bright pink lip, that was like, my first inspiration of color on lip.” But it wasn’t until her paternal grandmother gifted her a lipstick set that she decided on her go-to look.

“I just remember being in my car…and trying on this burgundy lipstick and thinking to myself, ‘Wow, that’s it. This is never going to not be on my lips again,’” she said.

The Orange County-bred star’s other major makeup influence? “Chola girls…[they] had unbelievable makeup,” she said. “I grew up in Anaheim, [a] super heavy Hispanic [population] you know…I would daydream and watch [the girls] in class putting their makeup on, as people do when they’re in class, and just be like, mesmerized.”

Check out her official announcement below — are you excited to see Stefani’s upcoming Revlon campaigns? Tell us in the comments below!