Six Must-Know Beauty Hacks To Help You Save More Time in 2017

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, wasting less time is right up there with losing weight — and given that both are at the top of everyone’s lists year after year, they’re clearly easier said than done. While we can’t promise a magic little pill for shedding pounds (oh wait, that does exist!), we do know how to help shave seconds (heck, maybe even minutes) off your beauty routine.

To help you save time in 2017 and beyond, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite makeup, haircare, and skincare shortcuts from our YouTube videos. From erasing eyeliner boo-boos to making your lash application more efficient, read on for our top beauty hacks below.

Give Flat Hair A Quick Boost

Whether you’re traveling or can’t spare a minute to get a blowout, dry shampoo can give you an instant hairdo.

Quickly Cover Gray Hairs

If your roots are showing and you procrastinated on booking a hair appointment (oops), reach for your mascara — find out why in the video above!

Use Makeup Wipes For, Well, Almost Everything

Need one reason to always have makeup wipes in your bag? We’ve got five! From fixing eyeliner smudges to cleaning brushes, this skincare essential is quite the beauty multi-tasker and time-saver.

Erase Eyeliner Mistakes With Face Mist

Face mist is yet another product to keep on hand thanks to its many uses, and it’s particularly helpful when you just don’t have the time (or a steady hand) to paint on that perfect cat eye.

Use A Makeup Brush to Prep False Lashes

Nothing’s more frustrating than trying to apply unruly lashes in a time crunch. That’s why preparation is key when it comes to falsies.

Avoid Frequent Foundation Touch-Ups

Sometimes we can’t always make a clean break for quick makeup maintenance, which is why it’s a good idea to ensure your foundation can outlast those notoriously long lunch meetings. A tissue can help when you’re priming and prepping — find out how it can save you time from frequent powder touch-ups.

Got some of your own beauty hacks to share? Let us know in the comments!