What You Didn’t Know About Maybelline’s First Male Brand Ambassador

Makeup isn’t a girl’s game anymore and as seen here, we 100% agree. Following CoverGirl’s major move, Maybelline just hired YouTube makeup artist Manny Gutierrez as its first-ever male brand ambassador.

Known for his vivacious personality and expert makeup tutorials, the self-professed boy beauty vlogger has a whopping 5 million followers across Instagram and YouTube. The 25-year-old joins fellow social media star Shayla Mitchell in Maybelline’s The Colossal Big Shot Mascara campaign, which you can check out below:

Although Gutierrez’s makeup brush skills will soon make him a household name, he almost had a future wielding a stethoscope instead. He told Teen Vogue earlier this year that he left medical school to pursue his dreams of becoming a makeup artist and worked behind the counters of MAC and Sephora — and clearly, his difficult decision paid off.

Gutierrez (who was featured in the video that Mixed Makeup produced for Marie Claire below) also reveals that life as a beauty influencer with millions of followers can be “rough,” but it’s all worth it. In an interview with Pop Sugarhe says being a social media personality is more than a 24/7 job. “If you’re walking around and you don’t feel your best, but you’re eating somewhere and someone recognizes you, you have to be Manny in that moment [snaps his fingers]. You can’t be Manny who feels like crap,” he says. “It’s draining and tiring, but you do it because you love it.”

Another fact that not everyone may know? Gutierrez was raised in the Mormon faith and attended gay conversion counseling at 17 years old. In his video on his coming out experience, he says he was “sobbing his eyes out” when his parents discovered he was gay.

“My heart was torn in half,” he says. “I was honestly a f*cking perfect child…I was well-behaved, I never drank, I never smoked, I never did drugs, nothing; I was so good, and I’m failing my parents.” In the end, his parents accepted him. (Hooray!)

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