Restart Your Skin with These Beauty Treatments During the Winter

Image: Alpha Industries

Let us count the ways in which we love chilly weather: we can skip shaving for a day or two (or seven), our heavy coats are finally seeing the light of day (hey, we’re in LA, okay?), and it’s the best excuse for a Netflix-powered LNI (ladies’ night in!). Since skin-baring season is still months away, winter is the ideal time to undergo intensive beauty treatments that may not be optimal when the sun is out.

Read on below for five skincare procedures you should do when it’s still hibernation season, then tell us your favorite winter skincare remedies in the comments!

Chemical Peels

Not all chemical peels end up like Samantha in Sex and the City — in fact, in the hands of a qualified expert, they’re perfect for treating hyper-pigmentation and acne scars. And since your raw skin is more sensitive to sunlight, indoor season (read: cold weather) is the perfect time to get a chemical peel. Want to learn more? Watch the episode of The SASS below to learn about a VI Peel — a chemical peel that’s effective and gentle on the skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal

So you got a tramp stamp — or worse — a tattoo of your former S.O.’s name. D’oh! Our skin may be darker in the summer due to natural tanning and because laser treatments target melanin (the pigment that makes skin tan), it may be harder to zap away unwanted tattoos. Hot weather also calls for pool parties, which are definitely no-no’s after you get a tattoo removed. In addition, some tattoos require several sessions, 4 to 6 weeks apart, so it’s best to get them removed when you’re not expected to make as many outdoor appearances.

Check out our video below on what it’s like to get a tattoo removed at LaserAway in Los Angeles.

Laser and IPL Hair Removal

As with tattoos, light-based hair removal treatments are also ideal during the winter because your skin needs minimal exposure to the elements pre- and post-operation. It’s also best to get laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments when your skin is lighter and there’s less melanin, making it easier for light to zap your hair follicles. Learn about an at-home IPL hair removal system that works and watch the video below for a laser treatment that’s easy, pain-free, and effective on all skin tones.

Microneedling and Radio Frequency Treatments

It’s always exciting to show off your newly-rejuvenated face — but if you get microneedling and radio frequency treatments, you’ll need to avoid direct sunlight for at least two weeks. These procedures help reduce fine lines, pigmentation, and large pores by essentially injuring the skin in order to stimulate collagen growth, so it’s not recommended to expose your raw (and healing) skin to UV rays. Learn more about one treatment called Venus Viva that’s suitable for all skin tones in the video below.

Detoxifying Spa Treatments

Winter isn’t just for aggressive skincare procedures — you’ll want to keep your skin moisturized with regular maintenance during the dry months, too. Detoxifying spa treatments like body wraps are perfect for treating dry skin and bloating, and they can also alleviate aches and pains during cold and flu season.