A Celeb Skincare Expert on The Best Lip Care Tips and Treatments

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t want to celebrate a holiday dedicated to making out — unless, of course, they still believe in cooties. Regardless of what you’ve got planned for February 14, it’s never a bad idea to make sure your lips are in prime shape for smooching or otherwise.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve asked celebrity-beloved skincare expert Jamie Sherrill (a.k.a. Nurse Jamie) of Beauty Park Spa for her top lip care tips and treatments to consider for a kissable pucker. “Patients are kiss-conscious this time​ of year so​ soft and smooth, defined, and a natural-looking sexy pout [by] eliminating surrounding lip lines is what they are looking for,” she says.

For those seeking semi-permanent enhancements in time for V-Day, Nurse Jamie says she offers “small, medium, and large” options to suit clients’ needs. “If you’re going with any type of injectable filler​ or semi-permanent pigment​, ​​it’s best to plan at least a week in advance,” she says. “[That way you] avoid showing up to your Valentine’s dinner ​needing darker than candle light so [your date] won’t see a swollen set of lips.”

“As we age, ​we ​lose [definition, depth, and color]​ along the border, so lips look a bit deflated and lined,” Nurse Jamie says. “The loss of color separating and defining the lip leaves a bit of a flat appearance.” The “elite” Bombshell treatment offers visible results immediately, “takes seven days and almost four hours,” and starts at $3,000, she says. To treat lips, the procedure includes a lip filler to add volume and an organic cosmetic color-matched micro-pigmentation session to restore the lip border.

For those seeking a “medium” option, lip fillers like Restylane or Juvederm also offer semi-permanent results in a quick office visit. The treatments smooth out the grooves above the lips using ​”carefully-placed filler in small sections,” says Nurse Jamie, resulting in a plumper, younger-looking pout.

Another temporary solution is “Cinderella lips,” a saline injection that lasts 24 to 48 hours, she says.

Want to avoid needles altogether? Try her NuLipsRX lip kit ($26), which promises a supple pout at home. “If you’re interested in a non-surgical way to get yourself ready, NuLipsRX is portable, easy and does’t require downtime ​but is ideal for fixing the dryness cracking we all suffer,” she says. “​No matter what lip color is on trend, there is no shade [that can] hide dry cracked ‘lined’ lips​,” she says. “Supple is the best look.”

The lip kit includes an anti-microbial silicone lip brush for exfoliating dry skin away and a moisturizing balm, which contains hyaluronic acid that helps plump up lips and natural oils for keeping skin hydrated.

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Need more lip care tips? Read on below for Nurse Jamei’s top advice for everyday pucker maintenance.

Drink your H2O. ​”It’s age old but still the best advice for younger, healthy-looking lips: Make sure you’re staying hydrated! The more water you drink, the better your glow,” she says.

Avoid petroleum. “Many of my patients aren’t aware that petroleum is a barrier, only hiding the dry, cracked lips below the ​surface.​​​​​​​”

Exfoliate. “Just like your facial skin, your lips need love. You have to slough away dead skin to reveal the soft skin underneath.”

Look for soothing ingredients. “Fight dry mouth, which can exacerbate cracking at the corners of the mouth and dry lips. Don’t any mouthwash or toothpaste with alcohol or even fluoride — instead, look for Xylitol​, which will keep the pH in the mouth balanced and supersaturated calcium levels in saliva, which is important for remineralization of enamel and keeping the mouth and lips moist.”​

Do look for natural oils. “The jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, and shea butter base in my NuLipsRX balm are a great solution for ​dry, dull lips [by] sealing in hydration. The hyaluronic acid gives you that ​little ​plump without the poke!”

Curious about lip fillers? Watch our episode of PLASTIC below to learn more about a treatment that results in a natural-looking plumper pucker:

Main image: Courtesy of Nurse Jamie