6 Ways to Use Bobby Pins In Your Beauty Routine

Just like apple cider vinegar and baby powder, bobby pins are like beauty Swiss army knives. These multi-purpose hair accessories aren’t just for keeping your locks in check — they can be used to upgrade your nail art and even MacGuyver your makeup brushes!

In a recent episode of The Cut with Susan Yara, we shared six easy bobby pin hacks to try. Check out three ways to elevate your hair game below, then scroll down to watch the full video and get all six tips.

Boost A Basic Ponytail. Hairstyle falling flat? Insert two to three pins underneath your ponytail to give it an instant lift.

Keep Plaits In Place. You never know when those feisty elastic bands snap out of place — which is why you should always keep bobby pins on hand. For those times when you’re in the mood for a random braiding sesh or your unpredictable bands have left your perfect plaits to fend for themselves, you can use bobby pins to secure your hair in place.

Add A Pop of Color. Got some nail polish, time, and a bit of patience? Give you bobby pins a colorful makeover with your favorite lacquer. Bonus points for getting creative with your bobby pin placement: criss-crosses and chevron designs are just a few ways to add flair while keeping pesky fly-aways out of your face.

Want more tips? Watch the full episode of The Cut below!

Need more bobby pins in your haircare kit? We’ve rounded up our favorite stylish bobby pin upgrades — and they’re all under $20. Check them out below, then share your personal bobby pin hacks in the comments!

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