Is Kylie Jenner Duping Her Own Lip Colors?

Another day, another Kylie Cosmetics controversy. Kylie Jenner’s lip products are beloved by Kardashian superfans and beauty mavens alike for their creamy, stay-put formulas and vibrant hues — but her customers found themselves doing a double-take when it appeared they had dupes in their lipstick collections.

BLITZEN another gorgeous holiday shade included in the full size 4 piece. #Nov21

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Kylie Cosmetics shoppers took to social media to call out Blitzen (seen above), a “deepened raspberry-plum” shade from Jenner’s 2016 holiday collection — which appears to be a carbon copy of her existing matte liquid lipstick Spice. In fact, the product page even notes that Blitzen is a “warmer version of Spice,” but we’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

As the side-by-side photos show, the colors have an uncanny resemblance to one another — and Kylie Cosmetics customers are upset that a supposedly limited-edition shade may have already been in their makeup bags all along. The price difference isn’t too major: the full-sized Spice lip kit is $29 while Blitzen was part of a four-piece, full-sized set that was $45, so buyers actually saved some dollars with the holiday box.

This comes on the heels of customer complaints that Jenner’s peach-themed palette had a not-so-sweet chemical scent.

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Main image: @kyliecosmetics