I Tried L’Oréal’s Clay Line on My Greasy Hair — Here’s What Happened

It’s a fact that not washing your hair every day can help control your scalp’s oil production, which is why I try to go as long as I can — but by day three it’s usually pretty oily! So when L’Oréal’s new line of clay haircare products for oily scalps and dry ends recently arrived in Mixed Makeup’s inbox, I needed to give them a try.

The line includes Rebalancing Shampoo, Rebalancing Conditioner, a Pre-Shampoo Clay Mask, and dry shampoo. The products contain three types of clay — Kaolin, Montmorillonite, and argilane. Kaolin is a white clay that is known for its oil-absorbing qualities. Montmorillonite is a blue clay that hydrates the hair. And Argilane is a green clay that possesses cleansing and water-absorbing properties. This gives the hair its glowing effect after use.

After five days of not washing my hair, my tresses have never looked so greasy and I was in desperate need of a wash. I started off with the pre-shampoo hair mask — I’ve never tried one before, so I was excited and hopeful for this product. You start by applying the product to your roots in small sections. I have pretty thick hair, so this took about five to ten minutes. The product was fairly thick, so I found that it took a lot of the product to really cover my whole head.

Once it was all distributed in my hair, I waited five more minutes before I hopped in the shower to rinse it out. L’Oréal recommends that you massage your head while rinsing the pre-shampoo completely out before moving on to the matching shampoo and conditioner.

Honestly, I really thought I was going to hate this product after shampooing. My hair still felt greasy, it wasn’t soft, and it was insanely knotted. But after conditioning my hair and brushing it with a wet brush, my hair felt silky smooth. By now, I was totally impressed — but I knew it wasn’t over yet. I had to wait for my hair to dry, and then see the results over the next few days.

Six Hours Later

My hair still felt insanely silky, especially the roots where the pre-shampoo mask was applied. Additionally, my normally tangled hair has been surprisingly tangle-free! This was a win-win and I was a believer in this product.

3 Days Later

This was the day I broke out the dry shampoo. I loved how it made my hair feel, and it smelled really good. It was one of the better dry shampoos I’ve tried and really did its job!

Before and After

Left: My greasy hair before using the products. Right: During the hair mask treatment.
After: Silky smooth roots after two days!

The Verdict

Overall, L’Oréal’s entire line solved my oily hair issues, especially the dry shampoo. But to make roots super soft and not greasy, the pre-shampoo was a winner. And the next time my hair really needs that extra step, it’s the first thing I will go to!

Hassled by washing your hair? Check out the episode of The Cut below for our founder Susan Yara’s tips on how she goes five days without washing her hair, then shop L’Oréal’s Extraordinary Clay products after the video.

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