Lisa Frank and Glamour Dolls’ Makeup Kickstarter Is a ’90s Kid’s Dream Come True

Image: Kickstarter

Be still, our nostalgic ’90s hearts: Lisa Frank may be getting into the makeup business.

Just when we thought beauty finally reached peak unicorn, the rainbow-loving artist just launched an epic Kickstarter campaign with vegan beauty company Glamour Dolls to bring her whimsical designs into our makeup bags. (We’re definitely not complaining.)

They’re seeking beauty buffs to help fund the production of six limited-edition products: lip balm, matte mousse, liquid liner, a “unicorn lippie,”  highlight powder, and a vegan makeup bag. Just like all crowdfunding campaigns, backers enjoy sweet perks when they throw in some dough, like a digital background with a $5 contribution or the entire makeup and bag set with a $45 pledge.

The campaign barely kicked off yesterday and has already reached its $30K goal and then some. With 43 days still left to go, the campaign has raised over $45,000 as of this story’s publish time — and shows no signs of slowing. Thanks to the swift support of Lisa Frank super-fans, Glamour Dolls co-founders Jessica Romano (a celeb makeup artist) and Peter Georgotas (the brand’s “finance wizard”) shared an update today.

“We are overwhelmed by the support (and the orders) that have come in since we launched the campaign yesterday,” they wrote. “We’ve put together a fun calendar with ways you can help, participate and interact so keep coming back for updates and surprises (there might even be a few Easter eggs tied to this campaign floating around our social media).”

In addition to being the first to score the Lisa Frank merch, backers will have a say on product names and makeup shades, plus unlock new products and score a behind-the-scenes peek at the production process.

Glamour Dolls has already teamed up with Lisa Frank to create a pink-tipped blush brush, which is set to ship in April and is on pre-sale for $4.99 right now.

Already got your wallet out? (It’s okay, so do we) Let us know what you think about Glamour Dolls Makeup and Lisa Frank’s beauty collab and share your thoughts in the comments!