A Non-Surgical Way to Fix A Gummy Smile

Many people feel self-conscious about their gummy grin, which occurs when more than one millimeter of gums show when someone smiles. According to the New York Times, it can be caused by anything from a short upper lip or small teeth, and a gummy smile is actually pretty easy to fix without surgery.

On a recent episode of The SASS, co-hosts Susan Yara and Sharzad Kiadeh picked a giveaway winner to receive a treatment of their choice. The winner Cheyenne wanted to treat her gummy smile, so Susan and Sharzad asked double board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Rami K Batniji to find a non-surgical solution.

Dr. Batniji used Botox to soften the three muscles that lift the lip up, thus reducing the smile’s gummy appearance. The whole process was super quick and Cheyenne was satisfied with the result. The best part: the procedure is only $200.

Curious? Watch the full video below to see the final result!