Is Dyson Launching A Fast-Drying Hairbrush?

Image: Dyson

From smart hair brushes to futuristic skincare, it’s a glorious time to be a high-tech beauty buff. Following the success of its Supersonic hairdryer, Dyson may be adding a fast-drying brush to its lineup.

The British company has filed a patent with the U.K. Intellectual Property Office for a “hot styling brush with a handle and a detachable head,” according to the Evening Standard. Though still in the design phase, the “high-velocity” product is expected to “increase drying speed and [help] to align the individual hair strands” by draining excess water using a fan and two tubular walls.

Image: Evening Standard

The London-based newspaper also notes that the hair styling appliance will feature “rows of single and double brushes with bristles” that can be attached to create bigger curls, and it’ll have “‘visually-pleasing’ apertures” that will keep gel, hairspray, and other product from getting clogged. In addition, the device will be able to dry hair with or without a heater and may also have a way to apply hair serums and other styling products.

Though Dyson declined to confirm further details, we can’t wait to find out more about this game-changing styling tool’s features and expected arrival date.

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