A Peachy Korean Sheet Mask You Have To Try

One of my friends traveled to Korea this past summer and brought home little goodie bags filled with different Korean products, including skincare. Being the beauty-obsessed person that I am, my eyes went straight a mysterious sheet mask. While the name of the mask was on the front in English, the entire back was in Korean.

I knew nothing about the mask: Was it anti-aging? Was it firming? Was it pore-reducing? I had no idea. So I turned to my good friend Google and found that it was the A’Pieu Sweet Peach Sheet Mask ($2).

Image: KollectionK

The Sweet Peach Sheet Mask is made with 100% natural cotton. It’s a gentle, refreshing, moisturizing mask that brightens and softens your skin.

The mask smelled delicious – it really smelled like peaches! You leave the mask on your skin for 15-20 minutes and pat the excess into your skin once you remove the mask. It was definitely moisturizing and there was a ton of product on the mask. I even had a little left over in the packaging which I applied onto my skin once I took off the mask.

I did experience a slight tingling sensation at times, but it was minor and only lasted a few seconds. When I woke up the next morning my skin felt super soft and hydrated.

Overall, the mask was really fun to use. (Can sheet masks be fun?) It is actually available in America if you want to try it out, too. If you’re not a peach person, A’Pieu also has masks made with other fruits like grapefruit and banana.

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Main image: The Chriselle Factor