How A Nose Job Can Help You Breathe Better

Though many patients get nose jobs to boost their self-confidence, some also have health issues that need to be corrected. In the latest episode of PLASTIC, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Karan Dhir helps one client breathe better while smoothing out what she called her “beaker” nose.

Orit visited Dr. Dhir to address her deviated septum, which affected her ability to breathe in one nostril. According to WebMD, it’s when the cartilage and bone that divide the nose’s nasal cavity is crooked, making it hard to breathe properly.

In addition to fixing Orit’s off-center septum, Dr. Dhir also made aesthetic changes to ensure her nose is in harmony with the rest of her face. “Because [it’s] beginning to fall a little bit, the tip has to be supported,” he said. He added that one mistake some plastic surgeons make is lifting the nose too much, giving it a pig-like look.

Curious to see Orit’s final result? Watch the full episode of PLASTIC with Dr. Dhir below!