4 Reasons Why You Need Lip Liner

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It may seem simple, but there’s just something about lip liner that makes me feel instantly gorgeous. Maybe it’s the extra time it takes to perfectly sculpt the lips or how polished I look after? Whatever it is, I’m convinced that it has super powers. I was reminded of that when I recently got one of the recently launched M.A.C. Cosmetics Lip Kits ($29). So I asked M.A.C. senior makeup artist Keri Blair for her tips on why lip liner is an essential in your makeup bag…and life.

1. It gives your lips amazing shape.

“Lip liner is a great way to balance out your lip shape and give a definitive edge to the lip. If you are trying to create a sharp look along the lip line, it gives the ability to draw that in,” says Blair.

2. It makes your lipstick last longer.

Blair explains that applying lip liner first gives your lipstick something to stick to and makes it last longer.

3. It can change the color of your lipstick.

“You can use a color that’s almost the same as the lipstick or one that is brighter or deeper to manipulate the color,” says Blair. “For example, if you have a color that’s super bright and you get home and say this isn’t right – use a lip liner that is more neutral in color.”

4. You can use it on its own.

Lip liner doesn’t need lipstick to look like a complete look – just make sure you fill them in. Also, because most lip liners are matte, they’re a great choice if you’re going for that look and don’t have a matte lipstick.

Too short on time to apply lip liner? Learn how to get a fast makeup look in only two minutes in the video below!