You Don’t Have to Be Paleo to Love This Bean-Free Hummus Recipe

For the uninitiated, beans seem like a perfectly paleo-friendly ingredient. After all, they’re from the ground, right? The long answer may involve a little throwback to that physical anthropology class, but the short answer is that chickpeas, black beans, peas, kidney beans, soy beans, and most other legumes are not within the paleo diet, according to Paleo Flourish magazine.

Legumes contain phytic acid, which can affect how efficiently your body absorbs other nutrients and can cancel out good foods, according to Paleo Grubs. That’s why grains (which also contain phytic acid) are also excluded from the paleo diet.

Whether you want to add the benefits of a paleo lifestyle or are simply on the hunt for another healthy recipe, check out this easy bean-free hummus alternative by Mary Shenouda (aka the Pale Chef) in a recent episode of #UNICORNFUEL. Though chickpeas (or garbanzo beans) are the main ingredient in this Mediterranean dish, this recipe swaps them for cashews.

Check out the ingredient list below for your next grocery store trip, then watch the full video on Mixed Makeup Wellness video to find out how to make easy paleo hummus that tastes yummy.


Cashews, soaked
Tahini (blended sesame seeds)
Garlic clove
Olive Oil