Function of Beauty Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner is a Game Changer for Your Hair

Image: Function of Beauty

My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. And after months of raging dandruff, dry ends, and endless bad hair days, I needed to switch things up.

I first saw Function of Beauty on Facebook and was immediately intrigued by the concept. They offer personalized, made-to-order shampoo and conditioner that caters to your individual hair needs. Plus, the products are paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free and come in bottles made of recycled packaging.

To create your custom formula, start by building your hair profile and fill out the hair quiz. Here’s what mine looked like:

I entered my personal hair type, structure and moisture.

Then, I selected my five hair goals–Strengthen, color protection, anti-frizz, shine, and soothe scalp.

The next step was to pick my shampoo and conditioner color, fragrance, fragrance strength, and formula name.

The shampoo and conditioner come with a personalized regime. Mine was what I normally do–shampoo and condition three to four days a week.

After the first wash I knew this stuff was good, but it was after the second wash when I saw a difference. I showered late and went to bed with wet hair. I expected to wake up with a lion’s mane, but was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror– I was I having a good hair day AND my dandruff was significantly better.

As I continued to use it, my hair felt like it was back to normal. No more mind-of-it’s-own, wild beast that never falls in the right spot hair. What a relief! Sure it could be the sudden change in my routine, but it could be the shampoo and conditioner too…or even a combination of both.

Function of Beauty takes the stress out of washing your hair. I used to have a regimented routine that I stuck to with a concoction of dandruff shampoo, colored hair shampoo and conditioner, hair masks, regular shampoo and conditioner, and more. Having all your haircare needs in one bottle is so much easier.

At $36 for the 8 oz. set and $46 for the 16 oz. set, it’s expensive but worth it. Especially if you’re like me and have tons of hair products for your different needs.  You can also mix sizes or order single bottles and sign up for monthly, bimonthly, and trimonthly deliveries.

Would you try personalized shampoo and conditioner? Let us know in the comments below